How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing ?

How-to-wrap-your-hands-for-boxing-glovesBoxing is a brutal game with lots of excitement not only for the players but spectators as well. The boxers learning the game need to know a lot about the proper usage of the game equipment where the gloves are the most important part. The process begins first by wrapping your hand which not only protects your it but also provides firm support to the gloves that you wear after that. A lot of amateur boxers struggle initially to understand the proper way of wrapping and that affects their game as well. Therefore, make sure that you as a boxer should learn the right way of wrapping which will eventually help you to play the game with full command. This guide will be a one stop shop for all the boxers in the learning phase as how to properly wrap their hands for the boxing gloves.

Types of wraps and the importance of choosing the right one:

There are different types of boxing hands wraps available in the market and you must choose one which suits your comfort level and your style of playing. The following are some different types of wraps and learning about them would give you the right idea about their selection

Cotton wraps

If you are a frequent boxer under training, then the cotton wraps are considered as the best option. You can find this type in different lengths suitable for both the adults and the children. They are properly secured by the presence of Velcro at its end.

Mexican wraps

This type is very much similar to the cotton wraps, but the only difference is that it is woven with the use of elastic fibers. This holds a great advantage as it then molds to your hand quite easily. However, the durability is not as good as the cotton ones as the elastic over the wrap gets worn out pretty quickly with time. Still, it is a fantastic choice for training purposes.

Gel Wraps

This is a unique type where the wrap is actually slipped over the hand just as the finger-glass gloves and they aren’t actually worn. They are found to be far more expensive than the cotton and the Mexican wraps and this makes it a prime option for the advance level boxers.

Competition wraps

Tape and gauze are the main constituents of the competition wraps. Make sure that you refer the rulebooks of the game to know about the legitimate amount of this type that can be used in the matches. These wraps are for one time use so this characteristic makes it suitable only for the competitions and not for training purposes. It has an altogether a different wrapping technique for which you would need the services of a trainer or a coach.

Steps required for wrapping your hands for a boxing gloves:

Once, you are done with the selection of the wrap then it comes to its main part which is its application. The following are some simple to understand and easier to apply steps for proper wrapping of your hands for the boxing gloves

Wrapping the boxing wrap with right tension

The boxing wraps must be tightened properly in order to provide great stability for your wrist and your hand. If you make it too tight, then it might cuff off your blood circulation which obviously could be problematic. You will get the best feel about the tension once you practice the wrapping for a few times. It is important to have a good tension in the wraping material in order to support the wrist and the finger joints in their place without getting displaced or any hazards

Keeping the wrap free of wrinkles

The professional boxers knows that how uncomfortable the wrinkles and lumps on the wrap could be which mostly denies you of focusing on the game. Make sure that you take time and keep the wrap free of wrinkles. Its because when there are a lot of wrinkles the tension created and pressure applied to the wrap, you may not get an equal and balanced pressure and that can lead to a problematic situation.

Thumb through the hole

Hole is at the other end of the Velcro and you need to put your thumb through it. Most of the wraps have indication as which of the side should face downwards.

Wrapping your wrist

You must begin by wrapping your wrist first with 3 to 4 rounds, which depends mainly on the size of your wrist.
Wrapping your hand.
Pull the wrap right around the back side of your hand just over your thumb. Wrap it 3 times and it must end on the inner side of your hand and near your thumb.

Wrapping the thumb

– Wind it, then starting from the bottom of the thumb to the top and then back again to the bottom. This will create a great support for the thumb.

Wrapping your fingers

This part must start from the inner side of your wrist and wind it right over the top of your hand between your ring finger.

Secure the wrap

Finally, Velcro it to secure the wrap in place. Practice a few punches to check for your comfort. Redo it, if it is too loose or too tight. The wrap should be put on using a medium level tension in it, so that it would not hinder the way of blood circulation
Repeat the same procedure with your other hand. If it is your non dominant hand, then you might need the services of your trainer or coach to get it done the right way. Just remember, it should not be done carelessly and without considering tension and pressure values. The best way is to ask for a trainer and follow the best possible rules while binding it. In this way you will be able to avoid maximum hazards that are out there.
Just feel the power and click in to the ring.

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