The Best Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Reviews

Introduction product Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite boxing gloves are handmade in Thailand from premium Skintex leather. Leveraging the best crafting techniques and their trusted brand name, the manufacturers are able to offer you a premium quality product at a believable price. The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are stylish, comfortable, true-fitting pieces of fighting equipment developed by Venum, a company that has manufactured boxing glove for long enough to know precisely what the most crucial features are With a premium Skintex-leather construction that realizes the highest fighting experience.For padding, the glove is lined with triple density foam to provide for the best possible level of shock distribution in order to protect your hand while still delivering a stinging impact on your opponent, the Venum Elite gloves are ideally suited for both beginner and experienced fighters. If you are a professional fighter, expect nothing less than high-quality craftsmanship from this pair of gloves.

Features of the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

How They Performed

Most customers who have purchase and used these gloves rank them among the best in terms of performance. They say these gloves have design features that guarantee the safety of a fighter’s limbs during even the most intense-training sessions. In fact, one verified reviewer on Amazon says “The gloves are good looking, and I am using them for exercising, so far, there is no pain in my hands, so the claim of balanced shock distribution is correct.” To determine just how good the best boxing gloves were, we assessed the performance of two professional pugilists in practice. Using an ingenious computer program, it was possible to track how the boxers delivered their punches. Factors such as reaction time and rate of punching could be determined with unerring precision. While it is true that the innate abilities of the boxers themselves had a part to play in the data generated, there was clear evidence that when they donned the Venum Elite boxing gloves, they delivered significantly more accurate jabs and fatigued less often. In order to provide a completely objective appraisal of these gloves, we rated them on a five point scale as indicated forthwith:

1. Quality of materials 5/5
2. Comfort and safety features – 5/5
3. Durability 3/5
4. Finish Quality – 5/5
5. Versatility – 4/5
=========Average rating – 4.2/5

Elements That Make Up boxing glove

1. Reinforced palm & attached thumb

When buying a pair of boxing gloves, it is always important to consider the level of protection that they offer. In absence of proper protection, you risk severe injury not only to yourself buVenum Elite Boxing Glovest also to your training partner. Like two products Hayabusa Boxing gloves and Title Gel World Bag gloves, the Venum boxing gloves boast a myriad of design features that increase overall comfort and decrease strain on both your hand and wrist. With a reinforced palm and a fully attached thumb, the elite boxing gloves will absorb blows and handle the stress that intense training sessions will put on them thus offering better injury prevention. While the reinforced palm keeps injury at bay by offering ultimate absorption, the attached thumb helps prevent injury by keeping the thumb from extending out and getting bent back. The Venum elite gloves are arguably the most protective gloves on the market today. Reinforced palms and attached thumbs also make these gloves lighter. A light pair of gloves means you will be able to train for longer without feeling uncomfortable or overburdened.

2. Skintex leather construction

The Venum elite boxing gloves also come with an imitation leather exterior that is soft enough to prevent partner injuries. This kind of leather also allows fighters to throw more powerful punches while still providing adequate protection for their knuckles. What is more, the imitation leather exterior is friction-resistant meaning that it doesn’t suffer from a lot of wear like ordinary gloves do. This feature greatly contributes to the durability aspect of these gloves.

3. Advanced foam technology.

Moreover, the Elite boxing gloves come with reinforcing and advanced triple-density foam that can absorb high impact shocks and reduce the stress that heavy punches place on the gloves. Asa result, you will feel more comfortable throwing hard punches while training. Fight after fight, you’ll be able to increase your striking level whilst minimizing the stressful sensation at the impact regions.
Better even, the triple density foam increases the lifespan of your gloves since it decreases the amount of overall shock that passes through your gloves during blows. You certainly don’t want to buy poor quality gloves that will fall apart after a month.

4. Mesh Panels.

These gloves also feature strategically placed mesh panels—under the fists—that maximize breathability and regulate your hand temperature to increase endurance. Thus, you can be sure that your hands will remain cool throughout your training sessions. Simply stated, these mesh panels are designed to regulate heat and keep the inside of your gloves dry. Training with damp gloves is a thing of the past.

5. Cuff:best boxing gloves

Furthermore, the Venum Elite boxing gloves feature long cuffs that improve wrist protection while throwing blows. The cuff gives excellent wrist support, so your hand will stay nice and straight regardless of how hard you hit. The gloves can be tightened with a wide Velcro wrist-strap that wraps over the-end-of the wrist. The sharp-edged paint job along with the venomous-fanged snake on the logo of each boxing cuff helps make the boxing glove unique and something to be revered.

Overview Image Of The Product Venum Elite Boxing Gloves


  • These gloves come with strategically placed mesh panels for greater thermal regulation.
  • They also feature strengthened-seams for a more durable quality.
  • The Venum elite gloves are available in 16, 14, 12, and 10 oz. sizes.
  • High durability & impressive craftsmanship.
  • Ideal for sparring and punching bags.
  • Feature a reinforced palm for ultimate impact absorption.
  • A 100 percent full-attached thumb for better injury-prevention.
  • These gloves also come with long cuffs for improved wrist protection as well as large-Velcro enclosure strap that wraps over the end of your wrist.
  • Hand-designed in Thai with premium Skintex leather that resists friction and prevents partner injury.
  • The triple-density foam offer incredible even shock distribution.
  • Bargain pricing makes them more affordable than many premium quality gloves with a comparable performance profile.

What Do Real People Say About This Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on, the Venus Elite boxing gloves are some of the most highly rated sporting goods in their category. Out of the 53 customer reviews posted on at the time of publishing this comprehensive review, an impressive 77% (41 of the 53 reviews) gave the boxing glove the ultimate 5 out 5 stars rating. Another 11 reviewers accompanied their glowing reviews with a 4 star rating. In short, 98% of all the reviews posted on with respect to Venum Elite Boxing gloves are accompanied by either 5 or 4 stars, a performance that scarcely any other product can aspire to.
It is worth noting that no previous customers have awarded this glove a 1 or 2 star rating. Indeed, only one customer felt the gloves merited 3 star ratings. On closer examination, this critical review was based on the perception that the gloves, since they are made of a synthetic leather, would not break in as naturally as genuine leather ones.
One of the reasons are so impressed by Venum Elite gloves has to do with their lightweight, yet high performance construction. The fact that the thumb is attached entirely to the body of the glove provides yet another highly welcomed design factor. This approach guarantees you a better fit when you clench a fist and also greatly minimizes the likelihood of injuries.


  • The Venum Elite gloves are chiefly constructed from a synthetic form ofVenum Elite Boxing Gloves leather known as Skintex. This material does not follow a natural curve as genuine leather when breaking the gloves. Depending on your technique, it may take up to a couple of days longer to get the gloves in a state ready for performance in the boxing ring.
  • These gloves have received a positive feedback generally. However, one customer was concerned that these doves are too flashy for a Derson of his aae. He says he is middle aaed and the flashy decoration is iust a bit much for him. He however concedes that the decoration alone won’t stop him from using these high quality gloves.


The Final Word The Venum Elite boxing gloves are designed and crafted from premium quality materials and parts to guarantee you high performance, uncompromising injury protection and great comfort in equal measure. The use of high quality Skintex synthetic leather material for the finish guarantees you the best possible gloves both for sparring and training. It is amazing to see how such a premium, hand crafted pair of gloves is offered at such a bargain price on Order your own pair today and revolutionize the way you train and perform in the boxing ring. In addition, they come with dense mesh panels that regulate your hand temperature thus keeping the inside of the gloves dry.